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V Rising: How to Defeat Domina the Blade Dancer



V Rising: How to Defeat Domina the Blade Dancer

Domina the Blade Dancer is one of the mid-game V Blood bosses in V Rising that players can encounter and defeat to unlock various useful structures along with the ability to craft the Whip, a newly added weapon type in v1.0 of V Rising. Domina’s move set is filled with all kinds of attacks including elemental (Electric), AOE, and physical which are all important to counter so that you can inflict damage to her.

This guide will focus on highlighting the best technique to defeat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising.

Where to Find Domina the Blade Dancer

Domina the Blade Dancer is a Level 60 V Blood Boss that is usually found roaming in the Rustlock Village in the Gloomrot South region. It is located on the northern side of the map and is close to the northern Vampire Waygates.

Best Equipment & Spells to Use Against Domina

As she is a Level 60 boss, your Gear Level should be above 60 to deal decent damage with your primary weapons. The dual Pistols or the Axes are the efficient weapons for this fight and for the spells, we would recommend you to use the following.

  • Veil of Chaos
  • Corrupted Skull or Chaos Volley
  • Ward of the Damned
  • Merciless Charge

How to Defeat Domina the Blade Dancer

Begin the attack with a projectile attack followed up with your weapon ranged attack. If you are using the pistols as your primary weapon, you will have the advantage of staying in a medium range from her, which will allow you to avoid many of her close-range attacks. However, using a close-range weapon is also efficient against her in many ways. One of the crucial moments where you can deal the most amount of damage to her is when she is charging her whip attack.

Dash into her as she strikes the whip to get behind her and attack her. If you stay at a distance from her while she is charging, she will also do a charged aerial attack toward you which you can also dodge to the side to get additional hits on her. Getting hit by her charged whip attack will pull you close to her which can be devastating so be ready to veil out of her attack in time.

While you are fighting her, you can also bait her close-range whip attacks by getting in front of her while equipping the Ward of the Damned spell. The Ward of the Damned spell will let you pull out a shield which will spawn a skeleton on each hit it takes. Domina strikes her whip three times when you are close to her so if you are wielding a shield at that time, three skeletons will spawn which will divert her attention and give you even more room to attack her from behind.

One of her devastating attacks is the Electrical Spin attack which hits in all directions. You need to simply back away and hit her from a distance while she is doing this attack. However, once you have depleted half of her HP, the electrical spin attack will become stronger and she will shoot electrical projectiles in all directions. To avoid the projectiles, use the houses or corners of houses as the cover.

Alternatively, you can also interrupt her electrical spin attack with the Merciless Charge (ultimate) spell. It is the only reason why this ultimate is good for this fight. Hitting her with the Merciless Charge will completely interrupt her allowing you to keep on the pressure on her.

Another one of her attacks that she does later in the fight is the charged barging attack. She will be in her electric form and charge fearlessly in the facing position. You can easily dodge this attack by dodging the left or right of her facing position.  

Make sure to keep the pressure on her by using your weapon abilities and spells continuously in the fight to deal damage to her and don’t forget to take advantage of Ward of the Damned spell to spawn skeletons to assist you for a short period which can be very helpful.


Defeating Domina the Blade Dancer will give the following rewards.

  • Storm Spell Point (Tier 2)
  • Advanced Grinder
  • Castle Teleporter
  • Whip

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