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V Rising: Complete Guide to Rift Incursion Events



V Rising: Complete Guide to Rift Incursion Events

The full release of V Rising brings a brand-new region for the players to explore where they will get to encounter merciless vampiric foes and monsters. This new region is not only required for progressing in the main storyline but also offers some side activities one of which is the Rift Incursion Events. The Rift Incursion events are the world events that offer various rare rewards including a new resource called Stygian Shards.

This guide will provide you with information on everything that you need to know about Rift Incursion Events in V Rising.

What are Rift Incursion Events in V Rising

The Rift Incursions are the repeatable world events in V Rising that take place in Ruins of Mortium and allow players on the server to join in to clear rift areas filled with Vampiric foes and monsters in return for several useful rewards.

How to Unlock Rift Incursion Events in V Rising

Despite the world event, joining the Rift Incursion Events will first require players to actually unlock them. Unlocking the Rift Incursion Events in V Rising will require players to upgrade their Castle Heart to Level 3 which will unlock a new Decoration item called Eye of Mortium. After that, players will have to build and place the Eye of Mortium anywhere in their Castle.

Once done, interacting with the Eye of Mortium or opening the general map will show the current active Rift Incursion events inside the Ruins of Mortium.

How to Play the Rift Incursion Events in V Rising

There are two tiers of Rift Incursion Events available in V Rising. One of the events (tier I) is represented with an Orange Rift whereas, the other event (tier II) is represented with a Red Rift. Both of the events are repeatable and active for a certain time (approximately 30 minutes). However, the premise of both events is the same, clear the rift areas with the enemies to push on to the final rift to face the final boss of the event. The main difference in both of these events is the required level.

  • Rift Incursion Tier I (Orange Rift) requires Level 57+
  • Rift Incursion Tier II (Red Rift) requires Level 80+

Both of these events are pretty challenging if you don’t meet the required level. However, since it is a world event and other players can join the event, you might just get lucky and complete the event without any sweat. The main objectives for both of these events are the following.

  • While you are at the Rift Incursion area, the main shard in the middle of the area will leave a black trail in the air pointing you toward the smaller rift areas nearby.
  • Go to every smaller rift area and clear it with the enemies to break the flying shards, allowing you to gather the Stygian Shards from the ground. It will require you to clear two to three smaller rift areas.
  • Once done, go back to the main large rift area and clear it with the enemies. After clearing all the enemies, the final boss of the incursion event will spawn. Defeat the boss to complete the event and you will be free to pick up all the rewards from the ground.

The final boss has the same level as the required level for each tier of the Rift Incursion event so facing them can also be a challenge.

Rewards for Completing the Rift Incursion Events

Rewards for Rift Incursion Event (Tier I)

  • Stygian Shards
  • Jewels
  • Ancestral Weapons

Rewards for Rift Incursion Event (Tier II)

  • Greater Stygian Shards
  • Jewels
  • Ancestral Weapons

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