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Lord of the Rings in AC Valhalla: How to find the Shire and the One Ring



Lord of the Rings in AC Valhalla: How to find the Shire and the One Ring

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is full of mythical stories and easter eggs. Among them are several references to the Lord of the Rings in ninth-century England, which was conceived as a novel by the British author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Even a reference to the Shire and Hobbingen – the residence of the Hobbits – is represented in the game world. And to avoid any misunderstandings, Ubisoft has hidden the “One Ring” in Hobbingen. We will show you where to look to find the Shire and the Ring in AC Valhalla.

Here you find the Shire

Quasi-Hobbingen is represented as a small settlement in AC Valhalla. You have to travel to the very west of the game world. There you will find the town Glowecester in the region Glowecesterscir. On the western side, on the opposite side of the river, is the Valhalla version of the Shire.

However, it is not the small Hobbits who live there, but ordinary people. Nevertheless, you will find a hint to the friendly little people.

How to find the ring

First, stand in the middle of the settlement. Now use your special view (default: hold down the V key) to find a building with a locked door. Do not be irritated by the other locked doors, where you can only knock.

The door you are looking for requires a key. Now use the special view again near the house, and you will see that the key is in a box right behind the hut. Now you can enter the room.

At the desk, you will find a letter and an envelope with a golden ring on it. By now at the latest, viewers of the Lord of the Rings films should also realize that this is a reference. The content of the letter even speaks of “little people” and a “druid” – the latter probably refers to the wizard Gandalf.

Of course, this is not all you can learn about British tales and folklore in the game. Other mythical characters appear in the form of a black dog in AC Valhalla, for example, who has even made a guest appearance with the British novel detective Sherlock Holmes.

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