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Masahiro Sakurai has a plan to make a sequel to Kirby Air Ride



Masahiro Sakurai has a plan to make a sequel to Kirby Air Ride

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and the developer of the best fighting game in History Super Smash Bros. Ultimate talks about the possibility of watching a sequel to Kirby Air Ride.

Renowned Japanese developer Masahiro Sakurai has once again participated in Famitsu magazine with one of his popular columns, in which he answered a question that is probably of interest to fans of the Kirby series.

Speaking about whether at some point he plans to make a sequel to the GameCube title, Kirby Air Ride, Sakurai said that “many great games have sequels, and knowing when to launch sequels requires a lot of knowledge about how the game matured. It is difficult to fulfill the image that people have in their minds for sequels.

Unfortunately, it has not been a direct response, but Sakurai has been clear that it could be the case of a sequel if the circumstances seem favorable and could meet the expectations of the fans.

Keep in mind, Masahiro Sakurai is not fit now as we have informed you about his health problem.

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