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Microsoft may make another big announcement related to Xbox Series X today



Microsoft to raise prices for Xbox Series X and Game Pass

The Game Awards presenter Geoff Keighley is stirring up rumors and speculation by suggesting that Microsoft and Xbox will have something to announce today.

Of course, Microsoft has been getting all the attention around their console, maybe from here until November 10th. The new Xbox Series X continues to reveal new details about its functionalities, such as the reduction in loading times and Quick Resume details, in addition to the purchase of Bethesda or xCloud.

But it seems that this kind of information is far from over, since Geoff Keighley, whom we know mostly from being the presenter of GamesCom or The Game Awards, has dropped a brief hint that the Xbox team might have new information to share today, Monday, October 5th.

On Xbox, they were with a charity live show called Game Pink, an initiative to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Keighley has been in charge of the event along with Aaron Greenberg and during one of the interviews that took place, the presenter dropped a piece of news to Greenberg.

Keighley said, “I’ve heard a rumor that you’re going to make a blog entry on the company this Monday. That might have left those who were watching the stream a little bit off-guard since that’s today even though the broadcast happened yesterday. Equally important is the context, as Keighley spoke to Greenberg about Xbox’s big year and the excitement surrounding the new consoles.

He said that Xbox has a lot of games coming soon, but then he said that there is a lot of excitement around all things Xbox. So he centered these rumors around big news or at least news that Xbox fans and users can’t wait to hear.

What all this might be about is not known, since Keighley himself did not state anything outright either. So, we have to wait, because today is the right day to fulfill these rumors.

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