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First tests with PS5 reveal the presence of a mysterious nut in the hardware of the console



Promotional video for the PS5 release, voiced by Travis Scott

A small nut on the PS5 housing has been discovered thanks to the first tests with the console. The Japanese media suspect what this mysterious finding might be for.

At last, we could see PS5 in “flesh and blood” thanks to Sony’s allowing several Japanese media and YouTubers to show the first contact with the console. The company’s new generation hardware is real and these first tests have provided information that is in great demand by fans.

With just over a month to go before PS5 hits the market, the console has been shown in a first hands-on. In It one could know that the fan of PS5 hardly makes noise after 80 minutes of the game, the console does not heat up and more data.

Among others, one has been found that has gone unnoticed and of which we still do not have clear answers. Media such as 4Gamer and The Verge analyzed the console and detected a small metal nut or bolt in its hardware.

Although it has not been possible to unravel what this metal link located inside the housing on top of the console is for, it is suspected that it could allow the removal of the PS5’s shell in order to access the console’s guts.

So you could see what the interior of the next-gen machine looks like and where the expansion SSD is located. Unfortunately, that information has not been given yet, so it will be necessary to keep waiting, as well as more details related to the launch games or the console’s backward compatibility.

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