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Highlights from the first test of the Auto-HDR feature on the Xbox Series X



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On October 6, the VentureBeat portal, together with blogger EvilBoris (also advises Digital Foundry), released the first test of the Auto-HDR feature on the Xbox Series X. We selected the key points from the material.

  • Auto-HDR allows you to automatically add HDR to older games that don’t support this feature. To do this, Microsoft uses the same neural network technology that was in Gears 5: an AI specially trained on game content creates an HDR image based on SDR. On Xbox Series consoles, this feature does not affect performance in any way.
  • According to Jeff Grab, all the games he tested “finished off” to a maximum brightness of 1000 nits — such, for example, was the sun in GTA IV. This is a good indicator.
  • To understand how well HDR works in the game, EvilBoris creates “heat maps” where red indicates the brightest areas and gray indicates the least bright.
  • Judging by the tests of games with Auto-HDR, the function works correctly in most scenarios — it highlights neon signs and headlights in Yakuza, without increasing the brightness of unnecessary objects. And in GTA, the sun gives out maximum brightness even when it just appears in the reflection of the rearview mirrors- as it should be in the direct reflection.
  • According to Grubb, the function works perfectly even in pixel 2D games-for example, in Dead Cells, bursts of brightness highlight successful attacks.
  • The technology works well, but not without errors — sometimes it gives too high brightness to just white objects like the characters ‘ eyes, and it can look strange.
  • Auto-HDR does not take into account the settings of the games themselves, so the brightness in them should be kept at the default level.
  • Auto-HDR is turned on and off at the system level, and in the console menu itself, you can adjust this function to the capabilities of your TV.
  • According to Grubb, Auto-HDR is one of those nice features that make it worth buying a new — generation console.

At the end of September, the preliminary version of the Xbox Series X was sent to several journalists, and then the first previews of the console appeared on the network.

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