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Halo Infinite – Boss Chak’Lok: how to beat?



Halo Infinite - Boss Chak'Lok: how to beat?

During the mission, the tower will meet Chak’Lok.

At some point in the mission, you will start a boss fight. He is one of the enemies from the family of those who have camouflage, and thus are able to move quickly and inflict extremely dangerous blows. Chak’Lok uses a sword as well as a plasma pistol, so it’s your job to keep him at bay. The relatively recently acquired skill that can scan enemies every two seconds will help you with this. It is best to place it in the middle of the arena, close to the Spartan held by the chosen ones.

Plasma will work well on Chak’Lok, of course, as it will make him lose his shield quickly. If you don’t have the plasma rifle with you, use the one hanging on the wall. However, keep in mind the fact that it shoots bursts, so you need to be very accurate and listen (it’s best to wear headphones at this point in the game), which side the boss is coming from. It’s also good to look at the background as well because when she uses camouflage it is a bit blurry.

If you run out of plasma, replenish your ammunition at the special crates. You also have plasma-filled throwing items at your disposal, but in this case, you need to be even more accurate. Also, don’t forget about grenades – especially those that immobilize the enemy.

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