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Halo Infinite – Underdeck



Halo Infinite - Underdeck

After completing the first story mission in Halo Infinite, you will move straight to the second mission. When the protagonist hits the platform, he will be immediately attacked by the enemy surrounded by the shield – you must destroy it first (plasma will come in handy) and then kill the enemy. After defeating him, use the rope with a grappling hook to jump between successive platforms.

Along the way, you will be attacked by enemies that you will have to kill to continue the mission. When you kill the second squad on the huge platform, use the rope with a grappling hook to get up. Go through the short corridor and then you will get to the next level of the mission. Cross the bridges, also using the side paths where you will traditionally find enemies.

Eventually, you will reach a room with a gravity elevator that you must use to get to the top. There you will have to jump between successive crates and containers to continue the task. Cross the bridge and then through the huge door that will lead you to another large location. There are a lot of enemies here, so try to kill at least a few of them from a long distance.

Then go through another large door. Behind them, you will find plates with icons of children – walk between them to the end of the bridge, where you will find the weapon you are looking for. Listen to the dialogue and insert the chip into your helmet to continue the quest. After a few minutes, you will get to the next room, where you will notice the ghosts of running children. Go through the blue corridor and then turn left.

After killing a few enemies, don’t go straight ahead and look up – at the very top of the building you will find another skull. To get to it, use the rope with a grappling hook and get to the first pillar. Then look at the pillar on the left, which is even higher – you need to get on it as well, in order to jump back to the first pillar, the only difference being to its higher level.

From there, aim your sight to the place shown above and get to the platform with the skull. Now you can go back to the main road and head towards the power source. There will be no bridge in the next big location, and to get it, pick up the item under you and place it in the panel next to the bridge to activate it.

Take a new path and collect data. After watching the cutscene, go through the previously closed door and head towards the target. When you reach the next huge location, refill your ammunition or collect new guns and activate the bridge. The target is divided into two stages – the latter is heavier because you have to watch out for the enemies using the plasma turret. Remember to avoid the line of sight.

After killing all of them, head towards the main door – you will find the Outcasts audio log on your way, so collect it and go ahead. You will reach a place with a gravity elevator. It’s not powered though, so you’ll need to find a power source. Climb on one of the elements supporting the structure and jump to the place where the sniper was.

Collect the power source behind it and put it into the panel next to the gravity elevator. When you are upstairs, run forward until you reach the body of the Spartan girl. Examine them and collect the modification, and then go to the next large location. Kill the enemies inside and get near the elevator that you need to pull down.

When you try to summon the elevator, you will learn that there is no power source. Go to the marker and go over to the very long bridge at the end of which a power item is waiting for you, as well as the first UNSC audio recording. Collect both items and go back to the elevator. After activating it, you will start the first fight with the boss – Tremonius.

He will be accompanied by two companions with a shield, so get rid of them first. After that, it is recommended to use the plasma rifle, which is on the weapon rack to the left of the elevator activator. Thanks to this type of weapon, you can quickly destroy the boss’s shields, and the gun in question is also good at taking a lot of health from him. It is certainly much more profitable than a rifle with ordinary cartridges.

Tremonius is not mobile, but he can recover shields and jump towards your character. The latter is signaled – when you see that the enemy is floating in the air, change your position as soon as possible (preferably using a rope with a hook). If you don’t, Tremonius will try to crush you, destroying all your protection.

The fight isn’t very demanding, as long as you use the plasma rifle. If you run out of ammunition for it, remember that there are crates with this type of ammunition scattered around the arena. After the fight, use the elevator, which will end this mission and immediately take you to the next one.

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