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Halo Infinite – The Gbraakon battleship



Halo Infinite - The Gbraakon battleship

After watching the introductory videos, you will get to the battleship where the first, linear story mission in Halo Infinite will take place. After taking control of the character, go through the hangar and learn the basic moves of the protagonist in the meantime. Stick to the left side of the location, and when you reach the production line, kill the two enemies standing on it.

Then go up. You will reach the command center, where you will find more, almost harmless enemies. Eliminate them and go to the door behind you. After opening them, you will be attacked by the first stronger enemy, but fighting him is quite simple – while he runs towards you, shoot him in the head. After a while, it will fall and you will be able to move forward.

Walkthrough the corridors until you reach a place that resembles a warehouse. Here you will learn about the possibilities of a rope with a hook, thanks to which you will often get to places far away from you. A bit further you will meet other enemies – one of them will be enemies with a shield, so you have to shoot them while in a high position or use plasma (a weapon or a throwable object) to quickly destroy their shields.

After killing a group of enemies, go to the elevator. After exiting it, you will come across a distinctive sound made by the UNSC audio recording. Collect them for your collection, then equip grenades lying next to the crates and go to the next room. Get rid of the opponents and go left. Now all you have to do is go ahead and kill the enemies. Stop at the two-level location, because here you will find the first skull called Thunder. Go upstairs and look at the platforms rising every few seconds – get on the middle one and jump over to the stationary one on the right to get the first skull.

At the next location, you will be able to change your weapon to BR78. Refill your ammunition and collect grenades, because behind the door guarded by two holograms of high-ranking selections, you’ll find what you’re looking for – the bridge. However, it will be filled with many enemy units, so be prepared for a medium-demanding fight.

First of all, pay attention to the chosen one with red armor – he can fly, so don’t let him approach you. After killing all of them, collect the first Outcast audio log, located to the right of the bridge, and then go to the console to deactivate the stasis beam. Of course, something will go wrong, so you will have to additionally destroy two systems that keep the ship alive.

All you have to do is go to both systems and destroy the yellow ones by shooting or throwing explosive objects. exposed panel. When you do it in both places, go back to the main panel and overload the engines. After that, watch the cutscene and start running away from the ship – the path is very simple, and only with the blue goo do you have to stop for a moment and use the grappling hook. Otherwise, you will start to lose health, so avoid her like the fire.

Then jump down to the elevator on the right. You will get to a very large location filled with flying containers. All the time you have to go down, jumping between one and the other platforms/boxes. After a dozen or so seconds, you will fall back into the void, which will end the task.

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