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Sony does not own the PS5 trademark in India. It was previously registered by a resident of the country



Chinese miners claim PlayStation 5 has been hacked

The PS5 trademark in India was registered by Hitesh Aswani of Delhi on October 29, 2019, three months before Sony decided to do the same. Hitesh’s bid is currently Being challenged by the company.

According to the latest information, the PlayStation 5 in India will be sold at a price of 55,000 rupees which is around 750.16 United States Dollar.

The publication also stressed that this is not the first time that major brands face problems when obtaining trademarks in India. Last year, ASUS lost the rights to the ZenFone trademark after the local brand sued the company for violating the Zen Mobile trademark it had previously launched. As a result, the ASUS ZenFone 6 smartphone was launched in India as the ASUS 6z.

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