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Microsoft prepares to shake up the industry with another high-profile Bethesda-level acquisition



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According to rumors that surfaced tonight, Microsoft is considering not only small studios around the world as candidates to buy and join the Xbox Game Studios family but also publishing giants. Several messages with relevant hints were left by an informant Knottian on the Xbox Era forum. After that, they were commented on by the famous Xbox-insider Ragna.

“I’ve been hearing for months that Microsoft is looking to acquire another publisher.”

Ragna is known for prototyping a deal between Microsoft and Bethesda a few weeks before it was officially announced. According to his data, Phil Spencer’s team has been in talks with the publisher of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls for three years.

Microsoft will announce the purchase of another publisher by late 2021 or early 2022, Ragna said.

Following a message from Ragna, GameRant made the news with the headline ” Rumor: Microsoft will make another Bethesda-level purchase in 2021 “. This material was asked to comment on the insider Brad Sams, who has long specialized in rumors and leaks from the Microsoft camp.

“Is this exactly what you talked about a few days ago [on the podcast]?” The reader asked.

In response, Sams left an emoji with a grinning face and later explained that he could not name any specific companies, since takeover negotiations are a very long and complicated process that can suddenly drag on, or even break off altogether.

“So I prefer to go without names to avoid messages from the trolls who will fry me every day if the deal is announced later or not at all,” he said.

Users took this as confirmation of Microsoft’s desire to buy another giant and began to speculate. Various names are used – Square Enix, Capcom, Take-Two, Ubisoft …

Earlier, Brad Sams said that not only Microsoft but also corporations such as Google and Amazon are seeking to buy studios and entire companies. They are interested in large manufacturers. Sony is also considering acquiring studios, but it is not as active in this area.

“I have heard of a lot of conversations that have been held behind closed doors. All of them were about new acquisitions in the gaming industry. There are a number of exciting events going on right now.”

“I can say that a number of big game studios have already received offers from Microsoft, but don’t forget about Amazon and Google as well.”

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