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New World has an AFK Timer – When will I be kicked?



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The long queues at the start of New World have led to many discussions. Especially the question of how long you can go AFK and when you will be kicked if you don’t react quickly enough have kept many players busy. We at Nintendosmash provide the answers.

How long does the AFK timer last? Yes, in the official forum Community Manager Luxendra has confirmed that there is such an AFK timer (via New World). We at Nintendosmahs have tested it ourselves.

  • Anyone who stands around idly in New World for 20 minutes gets a message at the top right of the screen that they are about to be kicked out of the game.
  • Anyone who has not moved after a total of 25 minutes will be thrown out of the game.

Does Auto-Run work against the timer? No, if you only run AFK against a wall with Auto-Run (the NUM key by default), you will still be kicked out of the game.

How can I avoid the kick? Basically, by moving actively. So you should perform an active action at least every 24 minutes, such as moving with the WASD keys or a dodge roll.

However, with the long queues, we appeal to your team spirit not to overstretch the AFK time. Disappearing for a quick meal is one thing, but blocking another player for the whole day is not collegial.

Queues for large servers are long, but there will be free transfers

What is the current queue situation like? In the first two days, players in Europe sometimes had to put up with queues of several thousand players. The problem is that the servers are capped in terms of the number of players. So for every new seat, one player is guaranteed to have to leave the server.

On the evening of 29 September, Amazon brought over 50 new servers. This has eased the situation. In addition, you can start on any server and later switch servers with your character for free. This should ease the queues somewhat and give you the opportunity to play where you don’t have to wait.

Nevertheless, the queues have already had a negative impact on Steam reviews and led to many discussions in the community.

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