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A New Handheld console from Lenovo leaked



A New Handheld console from Lenovo leaked

Handheld console concepts have been found on Lenovo’s German and Italian sites. The images were uploaded to sections of Mobile World Congress 2021 – an exhibition of mobile technology, which took place from June 28 to July 1. However, the device was not presented at the event, and its concepts remained only in the code of Lenovo sites.

Judging by the description, the possible name of the portable console is Lenovo Legion Play. On the concepts, you can see that it is equipped with sticks, across and four more buttons for control, as well as USB Type-C and 3.5 mm mini-jack connectors.

The screenshot of the console interface shows the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud game streaming application, as well as the Google Play Store. In this regard, journalists and social media users suggested that the Lenovo console runs on Android.

Lenovo has not officially announced work on the Legion Play portable device.

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