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Ninjala confirms the start date of its second season



Ninjala will be updated to version 1.2 soon

Good news comes to us related to Ninjala. GungHo Online Entertainment has published another game developer journal, detailing exciting news

The most significant announcement this time is that Ninjala‘s Season 2 will start on August 26th, and will add a new weapon class, a new stage, and many other additional features. You can check out all the details in the presentation below:

Prepare yourselves…Morishita-san and Kaneda-san have returned for Ninjala Dev Diary #7!

In this edition, the devs begin by thanking players worldwide for their support. Thanks to you, Ninjala has surpassed 3 million downloads!

From there, the devs discuss some recent updates and balance changes made to the game. We are extremely grateful for your feedback and we’re always listening, so please don’t ever hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

Then it’s on to new business! Season 2 is coming up on 8/26/20, and with it, a whole host of new content is set to be added to the game. We’ll be seeing a new stage, new costumes and emotes, and even a whole new weapon class!

The devs wrap up by announcing the IPPON MATSURI (Festival) event and Twitter campaign (7/21/20 – 7/26/20) as well as Episode #2 of the Ninjala Cartoon Anime!

Thanks for watching, ninjas, and we’ll see you next time! IPPON!

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