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There is a major lag issue in Go Battle League after yesterday’s maintenance



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I have lost 5 games today because of severe charge move lag. I have had energy loaded for a charge move and have been unable to actually throw the move for at least 4-5 turns. The lag is so bad that my opponents have been able to charge up an entire new charge move and throw it while I’m sitting idle.

I know Go Battle Lag has been an issue for awhile now but I’ve lost almost a third of my games so far today because of this. To be clear, I’ve never had severe connection issues, I play on stable internet connection. I’m especially frustrated because I was at my highest MMR and I’ve lost about 50 points due to this today.

Update: I can’t even get into a match right now. Either the queue infinitely searches or when it does find a match, I’m consistently erroring out of the match. This might be the worst state GBL has ever been in.

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