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Nintendo Switch Lite sold more units than the Switch in Japan last week



Switch lite sold 46,161 units while the Switch sold 4,424 units in Japan

Nintendo Switch Lite has beaten the Switch in Japan. According to Doug Bowser, The Females were buying Nintendo Switch Lite.

According to the sales report (February 10 to February 16, 2020) released by Famitsu, Nintendo Switch Lite sold 63,443 units. On the other hand, the Switch sold only 16,869 units.

It should be noted Nintendo Switch having stock issues in Japan due to Coronavirus complications, it seems Japanese customers are resorting to something.

We are leaving here the sales report released by Famitsu

  • Switch Lite – 64,443
  • Switch – 16,869
  • PS4 – 4,912
  • PS4 Pro – 2,920
  • New 2DS LL – 712
  • New 3DS LL – 45
  • Xbox One X – 22
  • Xbox One S – 19

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