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Nintendo switch outsells PlayStation 3 in japan



Time magazine includes Nintendo switch among The top 10 Best Gadgets of the 2010s

Lifetime sales for Nintendo Switch in Japan have now surpassed PlayStation 3 with the former selling over 10.43m as of this past weekend and the latter standing at approximately 10.25m in the final system numbers we have for the console. 2019 hardware sales for Switch have also surpassed total 2018 sales, despite with four weeks left.

Reported by JapaneseNintendo

As you can see, Nintendo’s console has taken just over two years to beat Sony’s sales platform. In addition, along with this data, it has been confirmed that the total sales of Nintendo Switch in Japan in what we have been in 2019 already exceed the sales that this console had throughout 2018 , although there are still 4 weeks left before we finish 2019 This confirms that Nintendo Switch will sell more this year than last in Japan.

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