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Nintendo Switch shortage is pushing buyers towards Xbox One & PS4



NPD: 1 in 3 Americans with PS4 or Xbox One owns both consoles

Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the most successful consoles of the moment (and of recent years) and as you all know, since the end of January 2020, Japan has been affected by a serious shortage of Nintendo Switch due to the outbreak of coronavirus that It has affected production and logistics in China , so it is in high demand right now, but they are hard to come by, and that is making buyers turn to other options.

The hybrid console is experiencing a severe shortage in the Japanese country, and speculators were quick to capitalize on the high demand, as all models have been sold out in most stores and My Nintendo Store.

Just yesterday, Nintendo shared on Twitter that Nintendo Switch consoles (including the Animal Crossing edition) and Nintendo Switch Lite will not be shipped to Japan this week, except to people who have made a reservation.

According to the details shared by

  • Nintendo Switch sales in Europe and the United States have dropped dramatically in the past two weeks according to data from GfK and GSD .
  • Nintendo Switch Lite, however, is easier to find . The demand for the Lite model is not so high, because buyers want a console with which their children can play on the TV.
  • The media added that ” many people looking for a Switch are asking for a PS4 or Xbox One instead . ” But even those consoles are scarce right now.
  • Parents are willing to buy devices that keep their children entertained, but electronics manufacturing and distribution have also been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak, creating a high-demand, low-stock situation.
  • Switch sales were up 150% in March, according to

Undoubtedly, there are complicated times to get a console that is as popular as the Switch, but the mandatory confinement that many countries undergo, means that all kinds of video game fans need a platform to entertain themselves over long periods of time. they must stay at home and if they cannot get hold of it they choose another

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