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One Piece Odyssey: How to Break Walls and Gates



One Piece Odyssey: How to Break Walls and Gates

One Piece Odyssey is an Action-Adventure game in which players will get to fight with different monsters and bosses of the Mysterious Island. Players will play with 9 different characters and each character will have their own unique skills. Field Skills can be used in an environment and battle Skills can be used during combat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Break Walls and Gates in One Piece Odyssey.

Breaking Walls

There are many different things in the environment that can be interacted with or destroyed by using specific skills. One of the things that can be broken is Wall. Walls can be found in a closed environment like in a dungeon or in a house. Not all Walls can be broken but the Walls glow, indicating that they can be broken.

To see the Glowing Wall, you need to equip Luffy as the leader and then use the Observation Haki ability. Observation Haki will show the glowing walls in the area that can be broken. Once you have found the walls that can be broken, you need to go close to them and use the Gum-Gum Rocket ability.

Breaking Walls

To use the ability, press the L2 button to aim at the wall and then press the R2 button to hit the wall with the stretched hands. These walls will also have a White Glowing icon on them. Breaking these walls can reveal a hidden path or a hidden space where you can find unique items.

Breaking Gates

As players explore different areas of the Mysterious Island, they will come upon many closed gates. These gates can be wooden or steel. The closed Gates are only broken by Zoro. If you are using another character, you need to switch the character and select Zoro as a leader. After that, you need to get too close to the gate and press the R2 button to trigger the Field Skill to slice the gate open with his swords.

However, the gates do not glow by using the Observation Haki so players will have to keep an eye out for any gate that they see on the Mysterious Island to discover the hidden path or space behind the gate.

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