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One Piece Odyssey: How to Equip Accessories



One Piece Odyssey: How to Equip Accessories

One Piece Odyssey is an Action-Adventure game in which players will get to fight with different monsters and bosses of the Mysterious Island. Players will come to find different types of items on the Mysterious Island and one of the items that players can find in the game are Accessory Items. All the characters can equip the Accessory Items of different Stat Buffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to equip Accessories in One Piece Odyssey.

Accessory Items

Players will come to find old relics and objects inside the Red Chests in different locations and areas of the Mysterious Island. These Old Relics and Objects contain a certain Stat Buff that can be equipped on one of the characters. All Accessory Items are found in the chests and there are several chests that can be found in an area.

Equipping Accessory Items

Accessory Items can be equipped by going into the Equipment Tab in the Menu. The collected Accessory Item will be shown in the list in the middle with the Stat Buff. You can put any accessory item on any character you want. The perfect way to put the accessory item is by looking through the stats of each character and if the character needs an improvement in a stat for which you have the accessory item, then put the accessory item on that character.

Equipping Accessory Items

You can change the characters by pressing the L2 or R2 buttons and then selecting the Stat you want to put on them. Press the X button on the Accessory Item to equip the item in the slots of the character board. There are 16 slots and each accessory takes a different number of slots. If there is not much space in the character board then the accessory will not be equipped.

You will have to make some space by unequipping any previous accessory item. You can unequip the Accessory item by going into the Character Board by pressing the Square Button and removing the accessory item by selecting it.

Gather the Accessories by opening the Red Chests and then equip the Accessories on the characters you want to give them the buffs for the stats.

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