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One Piece Odyssey: How to Upgrade Skills



One Piece Odyssey: How to Upgrade Skills

One Piece Odyssey is an Action-Adventure game in which players will get to fight with different monsters and bosses of the Mysterious Island. Players will play with 9 different characters and each character will have their own unique skills. Skills play an important role in the gameplay as well as in the battle so, players should consider upgrading their skills from time to time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade your Skills in One Piece Odyssey.

Upgrading Skills

In the prologue of the game, all the characters will be level 40 due to the high amount of EXP. When players complete the Prologue, their experience and skills will be trapped in a cube and then it will be shattered into pieces and spread across the Mysterious Island. Players will have to find the cubes to regain their Lost Powers.

Once players have found the cube, they will regain some of their skills. All the Skills that a character gains, can be upgraded by placing the Cube Fragments. Cube Fragments are the experience of the Skills that you lost with the skills.’

Players will be able to place the Cube Fragments in the Skills and by placing the Three Cube Fragments, the skill will be upgraded to a higher level. Cube Fragments are different for each character and when you find Cube Fragments, you will see the name of the character as well. You need to go to the Skill Up tab by going to the Crew Tab in the menu. Press the (Triangle) button to go into the Skill Up and you will get to see all unlocked Skill for the characters.’

You can change the character by pressing the L1 or R1 buttons and the obtained number of Cube Fragments will be shown above the Skills. So, if you have any Cube Fragments of a character, use them in one of that character’s Skill to upgrade it.

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