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Open Roads: Achievement & Trophy Guide



Open Roads: Achievement & Trophy Guide

Open Roads is a narrative adventure mystery video game where players take the role of Tess who is moving out of the house with her Mom, Opal after the death of her Grandmother, Helen. The story quickly turns into a mystery as Tess and Opal find out more about the past life of Helen.

Throughout the seven main chapters of the game, there are a total of 16 achievements that players can unlock in a single playthrough as well as can replay the chapters after completing the story. This guide will walk you through all of the achievements that you can get in Open Roads.

How to Get All Achievements in Open Roads

1. A Lot to Unpack – Chapter: Helen’s House

Pack everything in Tess’s Room. Search the cabinets and drawers to interact with everything and select the pack option to pack it up. Upon packing everything a cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

2. Born in a Barn – Chapter: Helen’s House

Open the Fridge and the Freezer in the Kitchen. It will start a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

3. Just Checking it Out – Chapter: Helen’s House

Interact with the trash in the living room and Opal will interrupt you leading to a cutscene. After the conversation, the achievement will unlock.

4. Problem Attic – Chapter: Helen’s House

Find the crate and open the suitcase to find a red diary. Turn the pages around in the red diary to find a secret key and it will unlock the achievement.

5. The Signal – Chapter: Hit the Road

Turn on the radio in the car and seek it up to 106.7 frequency. It will begin a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

6. Does This Bug You? – Chapter: Hit the Road

Open the backpack on the backseat of the car and then start unzipping and zipping the backpack. It will start another cutscene and unlock the achievement.

7. Are We There Yet? – Chapter: Hit the Road

Unlocks at the end of Chapter: Hit the Road.

8. Waiter Skater – Chapter: Summer Home

Go to the washroom and pick up the picture placed on the mirror to unlock the achievement.

9. Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night (shade) – Chapter: Summer Home

Upon making your way inside the house, go inside Aunt August’s Room and open the bottom drawer to find a treasure map. Go outside to the Dog House and there will be a dirt patch beside the dog house that you can dig to find a treasure. Inspect all items in the treasure and when you pick up the note, call Opal to start a cutscene and the achievement will unlock.

10. Going Mobile – Chapter: Summer Home

Unlocks at the end of Chapter: Summer Home.

11. Mother’s Little Helper – Chapter: Motel

After texting Francie and Dad, go to the bathroom to find Opal’s Suitcase. Interact with it to open it to find pills. Text Francie and it will unlock the achievement.

12. Clean Plate Club – Chapter: Motel

Interact with the backpack and Opal will bring you food. Interact with the food and finish the burger by interacting with it frequently, Finishing the burger will unlock the achievement.

13. Room Service – Chapter: Motel

Unlocks at the end of Chapter: Motel.

14. The Road Worrier – Chapter: Crossing Borders

Unlocks at the end of Chapter: Crossing Borders.

15. Pier Pressure – Chapter: Houseboat

Unlocks at the end of Chapter: Houseboat.

16. The Road Less Traveled – Chapter: The Way Home

Complete the Game.

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