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PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 4 HMS Windbag (Boss) Walkthrough



PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 4 HMS Windbag (Boss) Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the last level of the 1st world of Pac-man World Re-Pac.

World 1

1 – 4 HMS Windbag

As the level starts, a flying ship will be following us and shooting canons at us. You’ll just have to run straight and jump to the other platforms. If you slow down the canons will get you and lower your health so, try to maintain your HP because you’re going to need it in the boss fight. Once you’re through the running part, a cutscene will start in which Toc-Man will come and it will convert the flying ship into a boss.

1 – 4 HMS Windbag

Defeating Windbag

Windbag will shoot three canons at the same time and there’ll be three orange buttons on the floor that you can press and it will activate a trampoline which will reverse the canon shot at Windbag. At the start, you’ll have to dodge a couple of shots of Windbag’s canons because the Orange Buttons will not be activated and once, they are activated, you’d need to time the canon shot and Butt Bounce on the button to activate the Trampoline so, it can reverse the canon ball at Windbag.

One reverse shot at Windbag will take 1 small bar from its HP and this boss has 10 small bars as full HP. The button that you’d press will go in a cooldown so, you’d have to move around and wait for Windbag to shoot and then press the button to reverse the shot. Always stand on the button which is currently available.


After you’ve taken down half of his HP, Windbag will get angry and break the floor. You’ll fall down and then you’ll have 5 Orange Buttons. Windbag canon shooting speed will also increase and he’d swap to the other side of his ship and do a rapid fire on you with the canons so, make sure to jump over the canon balls to dodge it or stand on an activated button to reverse it. Try to catch the fruits and coins as well while fighting and when you depleted all of his HP, a huge wave of fruits and pellets will come to you. Run around on the platform to catch as many as you can.

After defeating Windbag, the level will be completed and you’ll unlock the 2nd world of the game named Ruins Area.

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