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PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 1 Buccaneer Beach Walkthrough



PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 1 Buccaneer Beach Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the first level of the 1st world of Pac-man World Re-Pac.

World 1

1 – 1 Buccaneer Beach

The Game will start on Buccaneer Beach and there’ll be a little tutorial in which the game tells you about the power pellets and how you become invincible by eating a lot of power pellets. Eat the power pellets on the beach to eat the ghost as well and then move forward. The game will give a tutorial on how to Butt Bounce. Press the jump key to the butt bounce to get to higher places. While jumping up, you’ll get your first Slot Medal. Keep jumping and you’ll see a couple of enemies that you can take out while performing the Butt Bounce on them or shoot the Power Pellets that you’ve eaten. Clear the enemies and move forward.

PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 1 Buccaneer Beach Walkthrough

Swim to the other side and there’ll be a Green Switch. Butt Bounce on the switch to activate it and some platforms will be raised on the other side. Swim back to the other side and jump on the platforms to reach the orange switch. Butt Bounce on the Orange switches to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and there’ll be a trampoline on which you can Butt Bounce to get through the gap. After that, you’ll get a couple of trampolines on which you’ll have to Butt Bounce to get through. You’ll reach a water area again and there’ll be a chest in the water that you can get by butt bouncing on it. Grab the Power Pellets and chest and go to the other side of the water to reach your First Checkpoint of the game.

The game will give you a tutorial on how to do Rev Roll. Do the Rev Rolls to climb the steep hills and take out an enemy on the top. Then do a Butt bounce to reach on top of the Helivator. Do a Rev Roll on the Helivator to rise the gate and then go under it. Use the Rev Rolls on the Helivators to cross. After crossing the third gap with Helivator, you’ll reach a checkpoint. Keep using the Helivators to progress ahead. There’ll be a Blue Switch with “1” written on it. Butt Bounce on it to reveal a chest back at the platform with another blue Button with “2” written on it. Go back and grab the chest to gain another health and then press the blue button to get back to the top. Jump on the floating platforms to cross and then you’ll see a cell with an Apple icon. Grab the chest next to the cell to grab the apple and then use it on the cell to unlock it. Butt Bounce on the yellow button to spawn the Power Pellets and some ghosts. Grab the pellets to become bigger and then eat the ghosts. Go forward to break the statue of the Ghost’s Boss, Toc-Man to clear the first level of 1st World.

PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC: World 1: 1 – 1 Buccaneer Beach Walkthrough

After the level, you’ll get to use the Slot Machine in which you can put your Slot Medals to win extra health or rewards. After that, you’ll come to the Pirate Ship Area on which you can select the next level of this world. Go to the open cell to start the next level.

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