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Palia: Character Creation Guide



Palia: Character Creation

Palia is a new free-to-play simulation MMORPG developed and published by Singularity 6 Corporation. The actual full game release of the game is in 2023 but the closed beta of Palia is now live until 10th August 2023. After the closed beta, the open beta of the game starts and any player can download and experience the game.

Like most MMO games, players will get to create their character and pick their name for their created character to enter the server and meet the other players joined in the server.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all about Character Creation in Palia.

Character Creation in Palia

After logging in to the account and starting the new game, players will be introduced to the character creation menu where players will get to select through various customization options to create their character. Players can choose between Male and Female character types at the start of the character creation. After that, players will get to choose from the following customization options in the menu.

  • Character: Face Shape, Skin Tone, Eyes, Voice
  • Hair
  • FaceMask
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Skin

These are the main tabs for both Male and Female character creation in Palia. Once players have selected a character type they want to create, they will be able to select the desired options from each of the customization options in the menu.

1. Character

The Character tab has four different sub-tabs through which players get to select their character’s Face Shape, Skin Tone, Eyes Color, and Voice. Face Shape, Skin Tone, and Eyes Color options are pretty straight forward but the Voice tab has two different kinds of voice. There are 10 different voices that are divided into two groups, A and B. The voices in the A group are the Female voices and the voices in the B group are the Male voices.

NOTE: Both types of Voices will show in both character types. Players can choose to pick either the voice of their respective character type or they can mix the voice as well.

2. Hair

The Hair Tab has several Hair Styles from which players can choose the preferred hairstyle for their character. On the left side of hairstyles, there are four different small icons from where players can select the following hair color options.

  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Eyebrow Color
  • Hair Dye Patterns

The primary color changes the base color of the hair and the secondary color will add an additional color to the primary color. The Eyebrow Color will allow players to change the color of the Eyebrows of the character. The Hair Dye Patterns only have two patterns and players can select the color to add a Dye pattern on the hairstyle of the character.

3. FaceMask

The FaceMask tab allows players to wear Frames or Masks on the face of the character. However, there will be only Frames available at the start and players can customize the outfits including FaceMask in the game.

4. Tops

The Tops tab offer several top options for both Male and Female character. Players can select the top design and alter its color if needed.

5. Bottoms

The Bottoms tab is similar to the Tops tab and players can select the bottoms design for their character and change its color as well.

6. Skin

The Skin tab is basically the Makeup tab where players can choose to put liner on the face of the character. The Makeup options are the same for both Male and Female character types.

Other than customizing the character, players can also select the Randomize option to randomly create a character of the selected character type. After creating the character, players need to select the Finish Look option. A confirmation will pop up on the screen telling that players will not be able to change Body Type, Face, Skin Tone, Eye Color, and Voice later in the game. Players need to confirm the character and then they will get to name their character.

After entering the Character’s Full Name and Nickname, players need to select the Continue option and the final confirmation comes on the screen with the full layout of the created character. Players need to select the Create option to start the game with the created character.

Palia is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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