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Palia: How to Complete the Better Days Quest



Palia - Better Days

The Better Days is one of the hidden quests in Palia that only starts after finding and picking up an item named Cat Toy. Players can find the Cat Toy in the Bahari Bay map zone and pursue the quest by talking to its owner. However, the game doesn’t tell or give hints about the owner making it difficult to find the actual owner and pursue the rest of the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Better Days Quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Better Days Quest in Palia

As mentioned earlier, starting the quest will require players to find the Cat Toy. The Cat Toy is a Found Item Quest located in the ruins between the Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins areas of Bahari Bay. Once players have access to the Bahari Bay region, they will be able to get the Cat Toy. Upon picking up the Cat Toy, the Better Days quest will start and require players to find its owner.

The owner of the Cat Toy is none other than Zeki so, open the map to see where is Zeki and then go to him to ask him about the Cat Toy. After speaking to Zeki about the Cat Toy, he will tell you to look for a Letter as her mother never leaves him a gift without a letter.

To find the letter, you need to go to the eastern coast of Bahari Bay and start fishing in the ocean without using any kind of bait. Keep fishing until you fish out a Letter in a Bottle. Upon doing so, go back to Zeki and show him the letter that you found to conclude the quest.


Completing the Better Days quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 1x Lucky Coin
  • Improved Friendship with Zeki

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