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Palia: How to Complete Winterlights Wonder Quest



Palia: Winterlights Wonder

Palia’s new patch 0.174 is out now and offering holiday content to players. The Palian World celebrates the convergence of light for the Winter Season every year and this time every human is invited to their celebration. With the new festive flair in the Palian World, players will get to start the celebration with the Winterlights Wonder quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Winterlights Wonder Quest in Palia.

How to Get WInterlights Wonder Quest in Palia

The WInterlights Wonder Quest is started by opening the mailbox outside of your plot area and reading Tish’s Note. Tish’s Note also comes with Winterlights Tree and Winterlights Candle Stick which you will be using to complete the quest.

How to Complete Winterlights Wonder Quest in Palia

Once you have read Tish’s Note and acclaimed all the attached items and recipes, you will get 2 objectives one of which is optional.

  • Light Candles with 8 Villagers
  • Light Candles with 24 Villagers (Optional)

Lighting candles with 8 villagers is compulsory for you to complete the quest and if you want to light candles with every single villager (24) then you can also choose to do that and learn about their hopes and dreams for the coming spring.

As you step into the Kilima Valley from your plot area after accepting the quest, all the villagers will be marked with a quest icon. You need to go to at least 8 villagers of your choice and select the ‘Want to light a candle with me?’ dialogue. Doing so will let the villagers light the candle with you and reward you with a special tree ornament. Each villager gives a certain tree ornament including Winterlights Ball Ornament, Winterlights Bell Ornament, Winterlights Wood Ornament, and Winterlights Candle Ornament.

Upon lighting the candles with villagers and completing the main objective, go back to your Plot area to meet with Tish. Talk to Tish to conclude the quest and you will get the following rewards.

  • Recipe: Winterlights Antler Mount
  • Recipe: Winterlights Pronged Candelabrum
  • Recipe: Winterlights Ball Ornament
  • Recipe: Winterlights Bell Ornament
  • Recipe: Winterlights Wood Ornament
  • Recipe: Winterlights Candle Ornament
  • 1x Winterlights Antler Mount
  • 1x Three-Pronged Candelabrum

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