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Palia: How to Do Gardening – Complete Guide



Palia: How to do Gardening

Gardening is one of the main aspects of Palia that allow players to grow and gravest various vegetables and food. Food is necessary for regenerating Focus as it is consumed while doing any sort of activity. Eating Food will regenerate Focus and allow players to do an activity for a longer period. To have a sufficient amount of food, players do need to do gardening in their Plot area. There are several things that players will be required to learn before they get to start gardening and growing food in their plot area.

Palia Gardening/Farming mechanic is a bit different than the other RPGs out there so, players must get familiar with its mechanics. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to do Gardening in Palia.

All Items Required for Gardening in Palia

Gardening Activity in Palia will require players to get the following items, tools, and resources.

  • Hoe (Any Kind)
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Watering Can (Any Kind)
  • Fertilizers (for better harvesting)

To get started with gardening, players will be required of the first four items on the list. Fortunately, when players meet Badruu for the very first time outside of the Plot Area, players will get all the necessary items that they need for Gardening.

How to Get Hoe and Soil

Players will get their first Hoe Tool from Badruu by speaking to him outside of Plot Area. Badruu will give Makeshift Hoe tool and 2 plots of Soil. Soil is essential for gardening as the seeds can only be placed on Soil. Players can also choose to upgrade the Hoe at the Worktable. More plots of Soil can be bought from Badruu himself and he will sell each plot of Soil for 250 Gold.

How to Get Watering Can

The Watering Can tool is also given by Badruu and players can upgrade their Makeshift Watering Can at the Worktable.

How to Get Seeds and Fertilizers

A few numbers of Seeds will be given by Badruu as a welcoming gift but to get more seeds, players would have to go to the General Store and interact with Zeki to buy various types of seeds. Zeki also sold other valuable items at the store and players can also get Fertilizers for seed from him.

How to Do Gardening

1. Place the Soil

Once players have obtained everything, they will be able to start the Gardening process by starting with placing down Plots of Soil in the Plot area. Players need to choose an area inside their plot area where they want to do gardening. Press the respective shortcut key for the soil in Action Bar to go into the build mode and place down the Soil by pressing the Left-Click Button. Place the Soil next to each other to merge them.

2. Hoe the Soil

After placing down the Soil, players will be required to hoe the Soil with Hoe Tool. To hoe the soil, players need to hold down the R button and select the Hoe Tool from the Tool Wheel. Now, they have to hoe the soil manually by holding down the Left-Click Button and moving the Mouse. Players will have to hoe a complete block and there are 9 blocks in each plot of Soil.

3. Plant and Water the Seeds

Once the Soil has been hoed, players need to equip the seed from the inventory and plant them in the blocks. Each block can only have 1 seed planted in it. After planting the seeds, players will be required to water the seeds. To water the seeds, players need to fill up the Watering Can from the nearby lake and then use it to water the seeds. A bar will appear on each seed while watering them and players will have to water a seed until its respective bar fills up.

Remember each seed will take several days to grow and players would have to water them daily. The bar on top of each seed will represent how thirsty is the seed at the current moment so make sure to check on them after every day to keep them watered.

4. Harvest the Crops

After taking care of the seeds for several in-game days, the crops will finally grow to their full potential. Players will have to harvest the crops by pressing the F Button.

There are several uses for crops as players can use them for themselves to regenerate Focus, use them as a gift for the NPCs in the Village, or can put them in the Bin to sell them to make money.

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