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Palia: How to Get Clay



Palia: How to Get Clay

There are various materials to be found in the World of Palia that will allow players to progress further into the game by crafting various exquisite recipes from the materials. One of the materials that players can find early in the game and would require later throughout the game is Clay. Clay is one of the basic materials in the game and can be used in several recipes as a resource.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Clay in Palia.

How to Get Clay in Palia

Clay can be obtained by mining the brown edgy stones found in the coastal areas of the world map. The brown edgy stone ores can be found on the beaches, hidden in the tall grass, or near the coast. Players would be required to use the Pickaxe to mine the stone to get Clay. Make sure to get the Pickaxe from Hodari before looking for Clay. Mining every Clay Stone will drop 5-6 Clay in total that players can loot.

Most of the Clay Stones can be found in the following locations.

  • Fisherman’s Lagoon
  • Remembrance Beach
  • Gillyfin Cave
  • Whispering Banks

However, players would have to wait for a certain time before they get to mine the Clay again. The Clay Stones spawn at random locations so players would have to explore the whole area to get the maximum number of Clay.

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