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Palia: How to Increase Focus and Bonus



Palia: How to Increase Focus and Bonus

The Focus mechanic plays a crucial role in earning more EXP, allowing players to level up quickly or engage in a certain activity. The activity can be any Guild, and leveling up in Guilds will unlock more items for the players. Completing the quests will gain a certain amount of EXP that can be increased with a bonus that the total amount of Focus provides. All the players start with a 200 Focus amount, providing a maximum of a 20% EXP bonus. However, players can increase the Focus amount and its bonus by using the Renown. Want to know how to increase Focus and Bonus? Then you are in the right place. We will tell you how to increase Focus and the bonus in Palia.

How to Increase Focus and Bonus in Palia

To increase the Focus and Bonus, you need to spend Renown. Renown is earned by completing quests, developing relationships with villagers, leveling up, and completing accomplishments. You can earn a maximum of 1,000 Renown in Palia due to the cap. However, you don’t need to reach the cap limit as you can always use Renown to increase the Focus to have an increased EXP bonus. To use Renown to increase the Focus amount, you need to visit the Shrines. There are currently two shrines where you can commune with your Renown.

  • Phoenix Shrine
  • Dragon Shrine

Phoenix Shrine is located behind the waterfall in the Phoenix Falls area. It is also the starting point of the game where your character spawns for the first time. The Dragon Shrine is located on the east side of the map in the Maji’s Hollow area. Go to either one of the two shrines, and you will get the Commune option, which will use 100 Renown and increase the Focus amount by 5%. You can commune with your renown multiple times depending on the amount of Renown you have. In each interaction, you will use 100 Renown, and you will gain either a 5% increase in your Focus amount or a Focus Bonus.

Palia: How to Increase Focus and Bonus

As the Focus Amount increases, the maximum Bonus EXP will also increase. For instance, if you get a 20% Bonus EXP at a 200 Focus amount, you will get a 25% Bonus EXP at a 250 Focus amount. However, you do need to fill up the Focus Bar to have the bonus activated. So, make sure to eat quality food to fill up the Focus Bar, enabling the Bonus EXP to be activated all the time and allowing you to level up quickly.

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