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Palia: How to Make a Wardrobe



Palia: How to Make Wardrobe

Wardrobe is one of the Furniture in Palia that will allow players to customize their character. By interacting with the Wardrobe, players will be able to change their hairstyle and outfits which contain Hats, Masks, Tops, and Bottoms.

In this guide, we’ll tell you to make a Wardrobe in Palia.

How to Make a Wardrobe

Wardrobe is a Furniture item in Palia and to make the Wardrobe, players will have to unlock its crafting recipe. To do so, players will have to first talk with the Mayor Kenli of Kimila Village. Go inside the main village and follow the yellow mark on the compass on top of the screen. Upon reaching the Mayor’s Office, talk to him and tell him about getting a house in the village. Select the option “I want to build my own” and he will task players to meet with Trish.

Go out of Mayor’s Office and track down Tish. She can be found in the Furniture Store or can be wandering around in the village. Talk to Tish and go through the dialogues to unlock basic Furniture recipes and one of them would be for Wardrobe. After getting the recipe, players need to go back to their Plot Area and interact with the Worktable.

Select the Décor Tab in the Worktable to see all the Furniture recipes. Go through the unlocked recipes and select the Wardrobe recipe to craft it which will cost the following resources.

  • 45x Sapwood

Players can get the Sapwood by cutting down small trees with an Axe Tool. There are several small trees around the plot area that players can cut down to get the required number of Sapwood.

Once players have got the required number of Sapwood, they will be able to make the Wardrobe. After crafting the Wardrobe, place it inside the Makeshift Tent or anywhere in the Plot Area to use whenever.

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