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Palia: Where to Find Cat’s Paw Diamond



Palia: Where to Find Cat’s Paw Diamond

There are several items that have been scattered around the Bahari Bay map zone in the latest patch (0.177) that are required by Zeki. Some of the items are hidden inside the rummage piles whereas, other items are out in the open. One of the items that players can find is the Cat’s Paw Diamond which also initiates the Found Item quest “Cat’s Paw Diamond” for Zeki.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Cat’s Paw Diamond in Palia.

Where to Find Cat’s Paw Diamond in Palia

The Cat’s Paw Diamond can be found near the Beachcomber Cave area of Bahari Bay. However, this item is a bit tricky to locate as unlike other regular items found lying on the beach, this item is flying in the air. If you climb on the small mountain next to the Beachcomber Cave and look towards the west side, you will find a bag floating in the air.

You need to jump off the cliff, open the glider to fly near it, and then press the interaction key to get the Cat’s Paw Diamond item. The exact location of the item is shown in the image below.

How to Complete the Cat’s Paw Diamond Quest in Palia

Upon getting the Cat’s Paw Diamond item, the “Cat’s Paw Diamond” quest will be initiated. You just have to bring the Cat’s Paw Diamond item to Zeki and go along the dialogues to conclude the quest. You will be rewarded with 10 Renown points for completing this quest.

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