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Palia: Where to Find Emerald Carpet Moss



Palia: Where to find Emerald Carpet Moss

Emerald Carpet Moss is an Uncommon Moss that grows in Kilima Valley. The demand for this flower is high, especially for furniture-making purposes. Emerald Carpet Moss is mainly used to make various furniture items. However, this moss can also be used to make Fisherman’s Brew consumable that will help players in Fishing.

Looking for an easy way to find Emerald Carpet Moss then you are at the right place. We will tell you where to find Emerald Carpet Moss in Palia.

Where to Find Emerald Carpet Moss

Emerald Carpet Moss is one of the uncommon mosses in Palia and you will not find it growing in the normal fields of Kilima Valley. To find Emerald Carpet Moss, you need to travel to the southeast and southwest sides of the Kilima Valley alongside the coastline. Make your way to the Fisherman’s Lagoon area and reach the coast of the map. Start looking for shiny mosses in the grass and keep walking in the west direction.

As you go in the west direction, you will reach the Remembrance Beach where you can also find several Emerald Carpet Moss. They grow both in the day and night but they are easier to find at night time due to the shining effect on them during the night. They are more prominent in the night and if they are hidden in the grass, it is easier to locate them.

The respawn time for these mosses is longer than the common flowers and mosses in Palia so, you do have to wait for about 20 – 25 minutes before they spawn again. Another easier method to get them quickly is by exiting the game and rejoining. By doing this, it will give you a new server where the Emerald Carpet Moss is already spawned.

You can repeat this method to farm these uncommon mosses as well.

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