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Palia: Where to Find the Giant Goldfish



Palia - Giant Goldfish

Giant Goldfish is one of the Epic fish in Palia that is required for the Freshwater Bundle of Vault of the Waves Shrine in the Night Sky Island. The Freshwater Bundle requires various items that players have to collect and contribute to the bundle to complete. One of the Epic Fish is the Giant Goldfish which players can find at any time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find Giant Goldfish in Palia.

How to Catch Giant Goldfish in Palia

Giant Goldfish is an Epic fish and requires a bait to catch it. Unlike the small common fish in Palia, Giant Goldfish is a bit big fish and players will have to use the Glow Worm as bait to catch it. To get the Glow Worm bait, players need to either use the Glow Worm Farm to produce Glow Worms or they can buy the Glow Worm from Einar after reaching Level 10 in the Fishing Guild.

Where to Find Giant Goldfish in Palia

Giant Goldfish can be found in the ponds in both of the map zones (Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay) but the most common place for them to spawn is at the Mirror Pond Ruins located northwest in the Kilima Valley map zone. Go to the Mirror Pond Ruins area and use the Glow Worm bait before casting the line in the water. Wait for the fish to take the bait and as the Bobber starts moving, start reeling in the fish. Giant Goldfish does move frequently so you will have to move the bobber left and right to keep the fish in between the brackets.

Once you have reeled in the fish, you will automatically catch it. If you get an alternate fish, you can reuse the bait and cast the line again until you get the Giant Goldfish. Giant Goldfish has a selling price of 410 Gold and you can sell it at the General Store or the Shipping Bin.

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