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Palia: Where to Find the Magic Book | Spell Book Quest



Palia: Where to Find the Magic Book | Spell Book Quest

The Spell Book is one of the new Found Item quests in Palia added with patch 0.177 that players will get to start upon finding the ‘Magic Book’ item. This item can only be found by looting the new Rummage Piles in the Bahari Bay map zone.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Magic Book item to complete the new Spell Book quest in Palia.

Where to Find the Magic Book Quest

The ‘Magic Book’ item has a chance of dropping upon looting a Rummage Pile near the beach areas of Bahari Bay. Explore the Coral Shores, Lagoon Lighthouse, and the Beachcomber Cave areas to find the book. We found ours right beneath the bridge to the Old Light House.

As you can only loot rummage piles once a day, make sure that you are all reset for the day to go and find the magic book.

How to Complete the Spell Book Quest in Palia

Upon getting the Magic Book item, the Spell Book quest will be initiated. You just have to bring the Magic Book to Zeki and go along the dialogues to conclude the quest. You will be rewarded with 10 Renown points for completing this quest.

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