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Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra: Everything About New Gems



Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra: New Gems Explained

Lake of Kalandra is the newest update to Path of Exile and the set theme for the new League start. You can use a mirror to visit the lake of Kalandra and fight hordes of enemies to farm loot and different POE currencies. The update is linked with the most expensive POE currency and the rarest the Mirror of Kalandra. Starting with the update in all the maps, you will find a Mirrored tabled which will let you construct and customize the enemies and different mechanics which you will be facing in the Lake of Kalandra.

In this guide, we are going to cover the new Gems that have been added in the Lake of Kalandra update. They are lightning gems that will give you different effects.

Galvanic Field

Galvanic Field will give you a buff when you shock an enemy. This buff from Galvanic Field will apply when you shock an enemy and it creates a spherical energy field to the enemy you shocked which will give the enemy and the nearby enemies damage with lightning beams. It will deal from 12 to 224 lightning damage. The buff lasts for about 6 seconds.

Lightning Conduit

Lightning Conduit is the next gem that has a spell, AoE, and lightning. The Lightning Conduit is a bit tricky to use, you cannot Lightning Conduit on an enemy that isn’t shocked. It will only work on an enemy if it’s shocking. When an enemy is shocked, this gem’s spell will strike lightning on the enemies and will shock all the enemies in a selected circled area. Lightning Conduit deals a damage of 134 to 403 depending upon the magnitude of shock you hit the enemies.

Overcharge Support

The overcharge Support gem is used to link up with your other powers in attacking and your other skills. It is a lightning gem and it is used as support. This gem will support all the skills that will hit enemies. Your support skills will have a 50% chance to shock. Supported skills by the Overcharge Support will do 50% more damage to the enemies.

You can use these gems in your inventory on your Armor and other items. You can buff your armor with Galvanic Field to use its effects. The buffs will also appear on the top right of your screen after you’ve done a shock attack. Just attack your enemies and there will be a shocking outline doing damage to your enemies.

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