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Thymesia: How to defeat God of the Fools



Thymesia: How to defeat God of the Fools

Thymesia has different questlines with each area having its main Boss. There are also side bosses as well and side quests of course for certain areas. God of the Fools is one of the very first options side bosses. It is from the first chapter Sea of Trees region. The side bosses are not very hard but are there as you’re exploring a certain region or area. You can use plague weapons and test them in your fight as well.

In this guide, we are going to cover how you can easily defeat the side-boss God of the Fools. You will be facing God of the Fools at the end of the level Sea of Trees.

God of the Fools

God of the Fools is like a big Skeleton demon God and you can’t really get close to him to attack him or deal any damage. You will be on a three-floored platform and there will be few enemies you will have to fight your way to reach the upper level of the platform in order to reach the God of the Fools. There will be a poison sac which is like a big cluster of poison. You can destroy them, to clear the toxic smoke. You will reach a ladder; you have to use the ladder to get up to the second level. There will be more enemies on the platform. You have to kill them and clear the area and destroy another one of the Poison sacs. There will be fairy-like enemies which can fly dash and throws daggers at you and you will have to roll and dodge their attacks and then counter-attack them.

God of the Fools

After you’ve cleared the second level of the platform, you will reach another ladder at the end of the level. You’ve to climb up the ladder and you will reach the third level of the platform. There will be another poison sac and a few enemies. You will have to kill the enemies and then destroy the poison sac. There will be a passage to your right with another ladder leading to the top of the platform. You’ve to climb up and you will reach a broken bridge area. You’ve to get past the bridge and you will reach just the level of the God of the Fools. There will be an open platform that will be facing the God of the Fools.

fairy boss thymesia

You have to press click there will be a red icon appearing, A cutscene will trigger where your character will jump on to the boss God of the Fools and will stab with the sword, and God of the Fools will scream and die falling into the big pit around the platform.


You will get Forgotten Feather, Fool’s God’s Core which is a legendary story item. You will also get Thyme as an ingredient and Fool’s Punch skill shard.

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