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Thymesia: How to Level Up Fast



Thymesia: How to Level Up Fast

Thymesia is an Adventure Action Role-Playing game in which you’ll be playing a mysterious character named Corvus. You’ll be fighting the deadly enemies and bosses by wielding the power of disease. You’d also need to level up your character to enhance your attributes so you can fight the stronger enemies with ease.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up fast in Thymesia.

Level Up Fast

In order to Level Up, you’d need to collect the Memory Shards. Memory Shards are like the points that you’d need to spend on your attributes to increase them. There are three main attributes of your character that you can enhance by spending the Memory Shards at the beacon. By increasing a level on an attribute, you’ll increase the level of your character so every single level up will increase the level of your character and for that, you’d need a lot of Memory Shards. The three attributes are the following.

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Plague

In order to increase all of them, you’d need to collect Memory Shards as many as possible. You’ll get Memory Shards by defeating enemies and bosses, completing levels, etc. But how to get more Memory Shards quickly in Thymesia so you can level up faster? There are some tricks that you can do to get more Memory Shards in Thymesia.

Tips & Tricks

  • Once you started making progress in the game, you’d unlock Talents. Talents are like skill points that you can spend in different categories. Once you’ve unlocked a Talent, you need to go to the Strategies Tab and spend a Talent point in Luck. Luck will increase the item drop rate and since enemies drop the Memory Shards, there’ll be a chance to get more Memory Shards from the enemies that you kill. You can get the Luck level up to 3 and if you have enough Talent points then you can spend in the Luck tree. That will increase the drop rate more and you’ll be able to level up faster.
  • Throughout your gameplay, you’ll collect a “Collection of Memories”. The Collection of Memories has different levels like 1 or 2. The main purpose of the Collection of Memories is to give you a boost in the Memory Shards that you’ve collected. You’ll get the Collection of Memories by defeating the mini-bosses or main bosses of the game. In order to use them, go to your items and select the Collection of Memories level that you want to use. Click on the Use and select the amount that you want to consume and it will give you the boost in your shards. The number of your Memory Shards will increase that you hold and then you can spend them on your attributes to level up faster.
  • You need to go to your Potion area and select any potion, it doesn’t matter what potion type you pick but the potion you pick must have Oregano, Fennel, and Clove unlocked. Select the potion type which has all three of these items and upgrade the Ingredient Slots all the way up to level 4. This will increase the slots of your potion that you put in the Crafting section. Now, go to the craft potion section and you need to craft the potion named Focus. The focus will increase the drop rate of Memory Shards by 10% when you kill the enemies. In order to make the Focus potion, you’d need Rosemary, Thyme, and Mint. Using this potion will increase the drop rate of Memory Shards and you’ll be able to spend the shards on your attributes to level up faster.
Thymesia: How to Level Up Fast

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