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Thymesia: Best Plague Weapons



Thymesia: Best Plague Weapons

In Thymesia, there are a total of 21 Plague weapons that you can use and upgrade. But you only want to use and upgrade the best ones. There are several combos of plague weapons as well that you can use on the enemies. If you don’t know the best weapons of Thymesia then worry not, this guide will help you in selecting the best Plague weapons in Thysemia.

Best Plague Weapons

Plague weapons can be obtained by playing through the story or side quests as well as defeating the bosses. Here is the list of the Best Plague Weapons that you want to use and upgrade.


Halberd is one of the earlier weapons in the game and it is best for a couple of reasons. With the Halberd, you’ll be able to knock down the enemy to the ground and get multiple hits on the enemy without taking any damage. In addition to that, it scales off of only one attribute and if you get it all the way up to level 20, it’s going to give you a stack of “Offensive” buffs and third Jab sweep attacks that breaks the super armor.


A bow is a really good weapon for a couple of reasons. The Bow does 300 attack damage and 300 wound damage which is a lot and it also serves as an interrupter because if you’re able to hit this one when an enemy does a critical attack, it’s going to interrupt the enemy and deal 300 attack damage and 600 wound damage. Strength increases its casting speed and Plague allows you to apply a bleed effect on the enemies that go overtime.


The scythe is the only weapon that allows you to restore your health and it is absolutely recommended in the early game before you get to unlock the extended version of this weapon. The scythe scales off of one attribute which is the plague. Plague increases the restoration of your health and once you upgraded it to level 20, you’d get a stack of Offensive and Defensive buffs when landing and health are full.


Hammer is one of the hardest-hitting Plague weapons in the game and it deals a ton of damage to the enemies. Once you go to its extended route, you’ll decrease the amount of energy to cast it and it’ll apply an Offensive buff. When you cast it, you’ll get a 75% of damage reduction which makes you almost unhittable.


The whip is one of the hardest-hitting plague weapons in the game. It deals a ton of attack damage and wound damage. It deals 400 attack damage and 400 wound damage and it has a very short cooldown of 6.4 seconds. It also allows you to stack up to 3 offensive buffs. It scales off of Plague attributes which increases its casting speed as well.


The Greatsword is a really good weapon and it allows you to knock the enemy down on the ground for a couple of seconds which gives you time to hit the enemies with multiple hits without taking any damage. This weapon is great for the bosses because bosses get knocked down as well. It does 350 attack damage and 350 wound damage. It scales off of vitality so, you should put some points into the vitality.


Twin Swords

The Twin Swords are also a very great weapon as it does a lot of wound damage on the basic attack and on the extended attack when you level them up. You’d want to extend these swords because they’ll deal 240 attack damage and 240 wound damage and with the Plague and Strength attributes maxed, you’d deal an extra 30 attack damage and wound damage with this weapon.

Giant Sword

The Giant Sword is the hardest-hitting Plague weapon in the game. It does a ton of damage when you go to its extended route. You’ll unlock a horizontal slash, a third slash, and a jump attack in the extended route which will allow you to do over a thousand percent when you’re using this sword. It scales off of Vitality and Strength but you’d want to spend time on the Vitality because when you upgrade it to level 20, it will reduce the damage taken by 50% while casting it.

Javelin Sword

The Javelin Sword is a really powerful plague weapon because it doesn’t really need upgrades of its extended route to get the benefits. The only thing you want to unlock it is the cooldown reduction to get it under 10 seconds. It does 240% attack damage and 300% claw damage which is the explosion damage.

For the best combo of weapons, you’d need to equip the Bow and the Javelin sword. You’d melt down all of the enemies and bosses with these two weapons. You can shoot at the enemy with the bow and with the strike with the Javelin sword, the enemy will be done for. You’d take down the bosses from a range with these two weapons as well by dealing a ton of damage with the bow and the claw effect damage with the Javelin sword.

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