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Thymesia: How to defeat the First Boss Odur



Thymesia: How to defeat the First Boss Odur

Thymesia is the newest RPG in souls-like games. It has similar mechanics and different skill styles to adapt to different player classes and weapons like souls games. It also has a talent tree that has different skills which give you different weapons and upgrades to change your playstyle. The best thing is you can change your talent tree as well. You will receive talent points every time you will level up. You can change what skills you use your talent points which will help you switch up your playstyle in different boss battles from ranged to magic to your sword.

In this guide, we are going to cover the first main Boss battle of Thymesia.

After you’ve completed the Tutorial boss fight with Vagr where you will eventually lose the battle to get to a new part of the map. You will reach the first chapter of the game called Sea of Trees, you will find a Beacon, they are like a seat where you can save the game, rest on the throne and you can check your character stats and the talent tree.

After you’ve done resting at the Beacon, you have to progress you will and you will have to fight a few enemies and you will reach a ladder you have to climb and make your way through a toxic smoke and you will reach another Beacon and you will eventually reach an elevator which will take you and teleport you to the first boss arena.


You will be facing the first boss Odur when you’ve made your way from the elevator. Odur has a cane in his hand and his movement is very surprising. So, you will have to be very careful.

Phase – 1

Thymesia How to defeat the First Boss Odur

His starting attacks are his dash attacks where he will slash twice with his cane. His next attack is his foot stomp which will deal damage like a trail from a distance as well. He has more cane swing attacks when you’re trying to attack him from close-up. You will have to watch out for his dashes, he will dash to the side or backward if you’re going towards Odur to attack him. Once, he’s low on health, he will press on his head and will vanish for a while and he will start throwing cards trick which will deal enough damage to you from a distance. You can block them in order to dodge these attacks.

How to Defeat

As we’ve mentioned the attacks for Odur, you’ve to watch out for his dash attacks and dodge them by rolling to the sides and counter-attacking him with your swords. You can deal quite a damage. So, the main tactic for defeating Odur is to stick really close to Odur and roll to dodge, wait for him to use his attack, and then counter-attack him. You can follow this tactic to take him down to very low health and he will start dashing backward to dodge your attacks. He will switch his attacks and will start vanishing and throwing card tricks toward you, you will have to dodge to the sides or forward if you can to dodge the attacks. Dodging forward is better as you can attack him in a counter-attack after he has done his card tricks attack. After you’ve defeated him by following this tactic, he will move to phase – 2.

Phase – 2

Thymesia How to defeat the First Boss Odur

There will be darkness for a moment after you’ve defeated Odur once in phase – 1. Now, he will be vanishing and dashing mixed together as an attack. This is a very confusing attack; you will have to watch out and have an eye on Odur as he will vanish from his position and dash to attack you with his cane. You can dodge this attack by rolling to the sides. He will be using the card trick again and will be shifting his positions very often in the second phase.

How to Defeat

In the second phase, you’ve to watch out for the vanishing dash attack of Odur. You can use the enemy lock on. You can lock on the enemy, this way you will always have a white dot on the screen that will tell you where the Odur really is even when he vanishes which will help you a lot in dodging his attacks. You can counter-attack him afterward to deal him a great amount of damage. Also, try to stay close to him, he will be using his cane swing attacks and you’ve to watch out as he will swing it two to three times. You can easily defeat Odur by using this tactic.


You will receive Miasma skill shards and Sage an ingredient for defeating Odur.

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