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Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra: Venom Gyre Leveling



Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra: Venom Gyre Leveling

The new Lake of Kalandra update for the Path of Exile has been released with the new League starting, you will be needing a new overpowered character. There are new gems and some unique items as well in the update. The characters and the type of skills and elements you will use with your build are one of the key things in Path of Exile. We are focusing on the Lake of Kalandra to help you guys in farming your loot from the new map.

In this guide, we are going to cover How to get an over-powered Venom Gyre and how to level up the build to get ready for the Lake of Kalandra in Path of Exile.

Pre Helix

You have to buy yourself Splitting steel from the merchant after you’ve killed Hillock in the campaign. This is the early leveling that will get you to about 12 levels. You can use Dash and Frostblink as the movement skills for the character arch. Also, you need Whirling blades as movement skills to give you more mobility in your combats. You can easily get to level 12 by using these items and skills. After you’ve gotten to level 12 you will be switching to Precise Technique Helix.

Precise Technique Helix

After you’ve gotten to level 12, you have to switch to the Spectral Helix at level 12. This will give you about 40% more attack damage if you have higher accuracy. You need to have more attack accuracy than your Health to make Precise Technique Helix work because it will give you more attack damage this way. You have to mainly play most of your campaign using the Precis Technique Helix and leveling up. You can play this up to act 7, After that, it will be weaker and it will be hard to level up for you.

Venom Gyre

After you’ve completed act 7 you’ve to swap to the Venom Gyre. Venom Gyre will give you 30% extra damage for projectile attacks. You can use Fork and Nightblade and Crit Strikes as skills with Venom Gyre. Upgrade your gear and Claw for flat elemental damage as well. You have to get point, Blank. Venom Gyre is a distanced buff, so you need to have long-distance weapons and skills for it to work properly and give you that extra damage buff. Sniper’s Mark is another skill that you need to have to have to get projectile shots and will give you that extra damage. You are good to go for leveling after act 7 and for the end game you can do a few changes and you’re good to go for the end game as well.


You have to keep rocking the Venom Gyre Deadeye build. You have to craft yourself an endgame Imperial Claw that has flat damage. Whirling Blades upgrade to Cast on Crit which will make tornado and Flame walls. You can mix this up with your Venom Gyre build and you’re good with your end-game leveling you can also use suppression nodes in trees to get yourself more different skills as you’re in the endgame. You’re all set for the Lake of the Kalandra League and use different Mirrored Tablet sets to take on your choice of hordes of enemies in the Lake of Kalandra.

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra:  Venom Gyre Leveling

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