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Persona 3 Reload: Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link Guide



Persona 3 Reload - Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link

Building relationships with various characters in Persona 3 Reload will require you to unlock a Social Link with each character which involves a couple of prerequisites like finding the location of a character and reaching a certain level of a specific Social Stat. One of the Social Links that players will get to unlock and rank up in their playthrough is with Emperor, represented by Hidetoshi Odagiri.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to unlock Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link and how to rank it up.

How to Unlock Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Unlocking the Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link will require players to join the Student Council. To join the Student Council, players will have to progress in the main story until April 27, and Mitsuru will invite you to join the Student Council. Go to the Faculty Room and speak with Ms. Toriumi to join the Student Council.

After joining the Student Council, go to the 2F Classroom Hallway and enter the Council Room to find Hidetoshi and Chihiro. Speak with Hidetoshi to begin the Social Link and you will be able to pursue it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link Choices

Like any other Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, players can rank Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link up to Rank 10 by making correct choices at every meeting. You can find all the correct choices for each rank below.

Rank 1 to 2

Prompt 1: Some students feel the school uniform should be abolished, and they’re recruiting supporters…
Choice: Sounds like nonsense.

Rank 2 to 3

Prompt 1: What!? You can’t decide something like that without talking to the president first.
Choice: No need to fight.

Rank 3 to 4

Prompt 1: It looks like the punk is going to hit Hidetoshi.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: What is it? Do you need something from me?
Looks like you’re hard at work.

Rank 4 to 5

Prompt 1: Bunch of Neanderthals.
They’re the worst.

Rank 5 to 6

Prompt 1: It’s actually kind of nice not having those hyenas around.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: As you can see, the meeting’s over, so you can leave if you want…
Choice: But I just got here.

Rank 6 to 7

Prompt 1: …About the smoker’s punishment, that is.
Choice: He should suffer.

Rank 7 to 8

Prompt 1: Um… What happened to Hitoshi-san?
pick any choice.

Prompt 2: Hidetoshi looks uncomfortable.
Choice: It wasn’t me.

Rank 8 to 9

Prompt 1: I rambled on about rules and fairness, but all I really proved was that I was desperate for power.
Choice: Don’t blame yourself.

Rank 9 to 10

Prompt 1: Um… How’d I do?

Prompt 2: Here, I want you to have this.
Choice: I’ll hang on to it.

Completing the Emperor (Hidetoshi Odagiri) Social Link will reward players with a Car Key allowing them to fuse Odin. Since Hidetoshi Odagiri is not a romanceable character, players will not be able to gift him anything.

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