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Persona 3 Reload: Best Methods to Farm Money



Persona 3 Reload - Best Methods to Farm Money

Pursuing your journey in Tatsumi Port Island as a student at Gekkoukan High School and a member of S.E.E.S. (Special Extracurricular Execute Sector) requires you to both perform well in school by answering correctly in classroom and exams and defeat the shadow enemies that lingers at Tartarus to figure out the mystery behind Dark Hour.

Throughout the journey, gaining experience is crucial to level up the main protagonist along with the party members and Personas that you acquire but another crucial factor is money. Money is essential for various things and will help you throughout the main story as well as pursuing the requests for Elizabeth.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the best methods that you can pursue to farm money in Persona 3 Reload.

Best Methods to Farm Money in Persona 3 Reload

There are several methods through which you can farm money in Persona 3 Reload whether it is by doing a part-time job at specific shops or grinding floors of Tartarus, all such activities can earn you a decent amount of money.

1. Complete As Many Floors As You Can In A Single Run While Invested in A Rarity Fortune

The best method to pursue money farming in Persona 3 Reload is definitely related to grinding the Tartarus dungeon. However, instead of simply entering the dungeon during the Dark Hour and defeating the regular Shadow enemies to climb up the floors, you need to first invest in the Rarity Fortune by going to the Fortune Teller.

You can find the Fortune Teller inside the Club Escapade located in Paulownia Mall location. Visit and interact with her to view the fortunes and then pay 3,000¥ for Rarity Fortune to activate it and it will spawn rare Shadow enemies the next time you visit Tartarus.

Once you have completed this first step, go to Tartarus during Dark Hour and start your normal floor grind which includes defeating every enemy you see and earning a high number of Yen (¥). Make sure that you complete as many floors as you can in a single run to make your investment worthwhile. Once you think that your party can’t progress any further with low SP, then you can finish your run and then repeat it to farm the most money.

2. Challenge Superbosses and Monad Passage Bosses

During your run at Tartarus, don’t hesitate to engage in a fight with Superbosses like the Reaper or bosses inside the Monad Passage because these enemies are the ones that grant the highest of Experience Points and Money. However, fighting them is not as easy as engaging with normal enemies but you can lower your difficulty to ‘Peaceful’ to defeat them eventually even though you die a few times during the battle.

The Peaceful difficulty allows you to respawn your team once they have fallen during the battle and replenish their HP and SP to full right from the point where the team collapsed. I know it is a cheap method but it will grant you a great amount of money for defeating such highly difficult enemies.

3. Choose Coin Card During Shuffle Time

Another great way to earn an extra couple of thousand Yen is by choosing a Coin Card instead of other cards whenever the Shuffle Time appears. The Shuffle Time appears mostly after defeating high-level enemies and bosses, especially in the starting blocks (Thebel and Arqa) but as you climb to higher blocks, you can guarantee a Shuffle Time after every battle if you finish the battle with All-Out Attack.

Furthermore, the initial ranks of Coin Card will yield a few thousand Yen but as you climb to higher blocks and get a higher rank Coin Card, you will earn tens of thousands of Yen each time.

4. Sell the Valuables & Old Equipment

Throughout your progression of Tartarus and the main story, you will get various valuables, new gear items, materials, and much more. All the new gear items that you get will only leave your old equipment rest in the inventory which is no good so, it is best to sell all the old equipment along with the valuables you got from your run.

You can sell the items at the Police Station/Weapons Shop located at Paulownia Mall and earn a decent amount of money.

5. Do Part-Time Jobs in Free Time

Last but not least, if you are tired of just grinding Tartarus for money and want to participate in other activities that can help you make money then doing part-time jobs would be best for you. There are four different shops where you would be able to do part-time jobs and earn 2,500¥ to 3,500¥ depending on the job.

However, doing a part-time job does consume a lot of time and it is recommended to do them during afternoon free time so, you would have time to go back to Tartarus during the Dark Hour.

You can pursue all of these steps mentioned above in any order you like and you will be able to make thousands of Yen on every day (in-game). 

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