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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – Hungry the Hunters Walkthrough



Banishers - Hungry the Hunters Walkthrough

After the events of finding a way out of the cave in ‘The Ends of the Earth’ quest, Red Antea will look for civilization to get back to New Eden but the hunger of Antea for Essence will grow stronger.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the ‘Hungry the Hunters’ main quest of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Hungry the Hunters – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Hungry the Hunters quest begins as soon as Red makes his way to find an alternate route to get across the broken bridge. As players make their way past the wall, they will encounter the possessed enemies that they need to defeat to continue the search for civilization and essence for Antea.

Find Essence for Antea

Once you have defeated the possessed and tormented enemies, go over the fallen stump of a tree and then to the right. Antea will find an entrance to a small cave with a man inside. Follow her and enter the cave to talk to Jacob, the man inside the cave. As you enter, Jacob will think that you are Ben, his friend who went outside in search of food. Speak with Jacob and select the marked dialogues to progress ahead. Upon speaking with Jacob, you will start ‘The Flesh is Weak’, the first Haunting Case of the game.

Solve the haunting case of Jacob Lynde

Open the menu, navigate to the ‘Haunting Case’ tab, and then select the Trappers case to start following the objectives for the case. Starting in the case, you need to first investigate the clues around the cave. Inspect the bed, spoiled meat, and the rope on the barrel near the entrance to gather the clues. Interacting with the rope will let Jacob give you the rope for the journey ahead.

Find Benedict Stoughton

Leave the cave and make your way ahead towards the mist. Jump over the broken bridge to get across and then interact with the edge to throw down a rope through which you will be able to enter the mist. As you reach down into the mist, press the Y/Triangle button to switch to Antea to look clearly in the mist.

Make your way to the right side and hop over the stump to come across a broken bridge. Jump over the bridge to find weird stalagmites. Interact with the stalagmites to remove them and it will spawn a few enemies. Defeat the enemies in the area and then inspect the land from where you removed the Stalagmites. Interact with the insight circle to perform the Harkening Ritual.

It will show the final moments of Benedict where he was pushing Jacob to keep going but Jacob had enough and pushed Benedict down the cliff. After watching the final moments of Benedict, cross to the other side and go towards the wall to cross it and then climb down to the area where Benedict fell.

As you reach down to the area, follow the stream and then to the area on the right side to find Benedict’s dead body behind bushes and a tree. Interact with the body to inspect it to get more clues.

Find the tie that binds the ghost

Once you have inspected the body, make your way back to the rope and as you are about to climb the rope, a few Specters will spawn. Defeat the enemies and then climb the rope to make your back to the cave where you met Jacob. However, there will be some more enemies along the way that you should defeat.

Upon reaching the camp area, Jacob will be standing outside of the cave and Antea will tell you to go inside the cave while Jacob is out. Go inside the cave and interact with the bowl on the table to find meat.

Make the ghost manifest

Interact with the insight circle and perform the Make-Manifest Ritual to spawn Benedict’s lingering ghost. Select the marked dialogue options to learn more about what happened and why Benedict lingers.

Bring Closure

Go outside of the cave and speak with Jacob to confront him about what he did to Benedict. As you go through the dialogues, you will get a choice to make for the closure. You can either blame Jacob to kill him and get his essence for Antea or you can Ascend or Banish the ghost of Benedict.

Rest up at Jacob’s hovel

Once you have chosen to bring closure to the case, go inside the cave and interact with the campfire to rest it and you will unlock a new skill type, Leap. Use the skill points to unlock the skills from new skill type and once you close the menu, a major choice sequence will be brought up by the game.

Here, you need to make an Oath to Antea either you will Ascend her ghost peacefully after she has found her body or you bring her back by performing a dark ritual and feeding her essence by making countless sacrifices of innocent humans. These choices here identify the two endings to the game so, make your choice carefully.

Upon making your choice and as the scene concludes, the quest will be concluded, and the next quest ‘The Woodfolks’ will begin.

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