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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – The Ends of the Earth Walkthrough



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Ends of the Earth Walkthrough

Continuing from the tragic incident that happened back in the Meetinghouse in the Death to the Dead chapter, Red will be saved by a Witch’s apprentice named Seeker. Although he lost his love, Seeker fills him in on the part that he has to play for what is coming.

In this guide, we’ll be covering The Ends of the Earth chapter of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

The Ends of the Earth – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Red wakes up inside a cave along the shore after weeks of the incident and the Seeker, an apprentice of the Witch who sent her to save Red tells him that the wall between the living and the dead is under threat and he has a part to play.

Find your way

Search the cave before leaving it to find a few Leather and a collectible ‘The Origin of Banishers’. Now, make your way out of the cave and head to the right side. Hop over the wooden logs and keep going along the path to come across a narrow path. Squeeze through the gap and continue towards the north side to go along a path leading toward a waterfall. Make sure to grab the flowers along the way as you will be needing them for upgrading your equipment.

As you follow the path, you will eventually get to encounter a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves to gather the leather and flowers in the area and continue ahead. Go over the log to cross the gap and before heading to the right, go to the left side to find a chest with valuables. Now, go along the path and climb the wall to encounter more wolves.

Find Antea

As you defeat the enemies, Red will hear Antea’s voice coming from inside the cave above the waterfall. Climb the ledge on the left side to continue ahead towards the cave. Climb the wall and go along the path to reach the Mystical Caves where you will get to encounter Specters. After defeating the Specters, go near the waterfall on the left side to find Antea.

A brief cutscene will play out and after that, you need to follow Antea.

Follow Antea

Follow Antea to go ahead in the cave and she will eventually take you to a campfire. Another cutscene will play out in which you will get to select a few dialogues for the conversation. Select the marked dialogues to progress ahead.

After the conversation, the game will introduce the importance of campsites allowing you to unlock new Skills from ‘Evolution’ and upgrade your equipment from ‘Inventory’. Once you have unlocked a couple of new skills and upgraded your equipment, the objective will update.

Find an exit

After waking up at the campsite, go along the path in the Waterfall Caves to eventually reach a ritual site. Let the conversation between Red and Antea finish and then interact with Antea.

Investigate the area

Once you are in control of Antea, go to the Spectral Webs on the rock and press the A/X button to remove them to find the bones of the dead. It will unlock the ability to change between Antea and Red by pressing the Y/Triangle button to uncover more hidden sources around the areas.

Exit the cave

Continue along the path of the cave to squeeze through the gap and drop down into an open area where you will get to fight a few possessed wolves by Wanderers. Once you have defeated the enemies, climb the ledge and go along the path to come across a wall. Climb the wall to exit the cave.

Find your way through the forest

Go along the road ahead to find more possessed wolves. Defeat the wolves and the Specters and continue ahead along the path. As you reach the end of the path, look to the left side and press the A/X button to hug the wall to get to the other side. Climb the wall ahead and continue along the path to reach the bridge.

The bridge will be broken and you need to find another way to get across. Go to the right side of the bridge to climb down and continue ahead to cross a narrow path. As you cross ahead, you will get to defeat a few more possessed wolves, and after defeating them the quest/chapter will be completed, and the ‘Hungry the Hunters’ quest will begin.

This concludes The Ends to the Earth chapter walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

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