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Persona 5 Tactica: How to Fuse New Personas



Persona 5 Tactica - Fuse New Persona

Personas are the unique skills held by every character that can be used in combat to unleash great abilities while inflicting enemies with certain status effects. These Personas’ potential can be increased by upgrading them from the Skill Tree of the characters but furthermore, they can also be fused into more powerful personas, enhancing the overall abilities and stats of the personas fused to make the new one.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to fuse new Personas in Persona 5 Tactica.

How to Fuse New Personas in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona Fusion is one of the features available in the Velvet Room that players will be able to perform after unlocking the Velvet Room. The Velvet Room is unlocked after rescuing Ann and Futaba from Lady Marie in Marie’s Kingdom, 1st Kingdom in the main story. Once players have completed the respective mission, they will be introduced to the Velvet Room and its manager Lavenza at the Hideout. Talking to Lavenza will fill you up on the great fusion machine that can be used for various things and the very first feature will be Persona Fusion.

There are two different kinds of fusion processes for Personas, Normal Fusion and Triangle Fusion. The Normal Fusion allows you to fuse 2 Personas to make a new one whereas, the Triangle Fusion requires three or more personas to fuse a new one. Initially, only the normal fusion will be available to you as the Triangle Fusion is unlocked later by progressing in the main story but the method for fusing a new Persona is the same for both of them.

  • Select the ‘Fuse New Persona’ option in the Velvet Room. You can go into the Velvet Room anytime you visit the Hideout.
  • Select the Persona Fusion method (Normal or Triple).
  • Select the Personas that you want to use for the fusion by pressing the A button and then select the Result for the fusion.
  • After selecting the result, you will get to inherit a certain stat for the Persona you are fusing, select the stat to finish fusing the Persona.

A brief cutscene will play in which Lavenza will fuse a new Persona for you that can be equipped under the Persona section in the Hideout Menu. You can fuse new personas for every character so, make sure to check in with Lavenza from time to time to see if you have gathered enough Personas that you don’t tend to use and fuse them into a stronger Persona.

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