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Phil Spencer believes that it will take years to see 8K become the standard in video games



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Phil Spencer has commented on Xbox’s aspirations for 8K. It will take time to see this resolution as a standard in video games if it is ever seen.

New generation consoles, including Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, boast 4K resolution without any problems, but over the past few months, 8K has also come to the fore.

However, it seems that reaching 8K is not as close as it seems. Phil Spencer has been talking about this in an interview. The more familiar face of Xbox believes that there is still a long way to go for this resolution.

“I think 8K is an aspirational technology. The display capabilities of the devices are not yet there. I think we are years away from 8K being, if ever it is, standard in video games” commented The manager.

Despite the fact that Xbox Series X can reach 8K, Phil Spencer does not seem very convinced that this ends up becoming our daily bread. Everything indicates that 120 frames per second at 4K will be prioritized more than the impact that a higher resolution may have. Of course, a suitable TV will be required.

Power and resolution are necessary, but not enough according to Liz Hamren. I think the importance of top-notch specifications has been more important in the past, explained Tom Wijman. As far as the future is concerned, Xbox will take a 45% market share, according to Michael Pachter.

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