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How To Do A Long Jump In Super Mario 64



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You may not remember many things from one of the greatest classics of Nintendo, but do not worry that we will help you remember the right ways to complete the missions and levels, among it is to teach you the basic movements such as making the famous long jumps, and that’s what we will focus on this time.

How to do a long jump in Super Mario 64?

Long jumps are a very useful move for those players looking to move through levels more quickly. Running is fine, but repeated long jumps will always be a faster option for crossing open spaces.

You should still be careful about more treacherous terrain so that you do not meet your premature demise in a bottomless pit. Anyway we will teach you how to perform this movement

If you see a large space or an open area where you could attempt a long jump while running or walking forward.

Press ZL and quickly press B to make the move.

You may notice that the control screen makes it seem like you must press ZL and B simultaneously, but that will not result in a long jump.

You may need a few attempts to perfect the timing of the long jump, but it’s a useful and almost necessary skill if you want to beat almost any Mario plumber’s game.

Now that you know how to do a long jump in Super Mario 64, you’ll be able to perform this basic but useful move at the times you need it most or like it. Good Luck1

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