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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Rumored to Have an Upcoming Sequel



PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Rumored to Have an Upcoming Sequel

There have been leaks that suggested that PUBG 2 is a game that developers at Krafton are currently working on. And now new leaks reveal some details about the nature of the game.

Most of the details come from a series of tweets by a user with the handle PlayerIGN (not related to the gaming website of the same name), reports PCGamesN. According to the leaker, PUBG 2 is likely to be released next year, though no date was mentioned. Furthermore, the upcoming PUBG 2 will be a battle royale game and a true successor to the current PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. It is not something that will resemble the game Overwatch.

PlayerIGN also reveals that “PUBG 2” supports cross-play, which means that both PC and console gamers will get to play together without any platform restrictions, reports GFinityEsports. If this info is true, then PC players can invite their console-playing friends to try and compete against each other for that coveted Chicken Dinner.

The leak also suggests that the game will not be set in the future but will be rooted in realism. He mentions that this is the last leak coming from him and there will not be any more for a while to come.

The release, however, is likely to be current-gen only, meaning only PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC gamers will be able to play. One can assume that Krafton, one of the main proponents of the battle royale game genre during this console generation, is also planning to release the game on last-gen Xbox One and PS4. There’s no word on a possible Nintendo Switch release yet.

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